LIHD after one year!

This January marked the 1 year anniversary of becoming a Living in HD family. A lot has happened in that year and our Panasonic gear has been there for us throughout. I will summarize the year in the following paragraphs but the ‘executive summary’ is this: It has changed how we live as family and we are extremely grateful for this unique opportunity!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the beginning of 2009 was a stressful time for us as the company I loved working at for the last 10 years was in the process of shutting it’s doors. The arrival and installation could not have come at a better time. It was a very positive situation and helped occupy my time. We chose to install the gorgeous TH 50PZ850U TV in our partially finished basement as that is our primary spot for entertaining. We rearranged furniture and painted the walls. A year later we are still working on the space but love every minute of it. I built a bar behind the couch so that more people could see the amazing display. I built a desk and wall unit to house our games. The arrangement now allows for ample play space for the girls but can be quickly tidied up when we entertain our friends. The Wii is an awesome addition that all aged visitors enjoy and the TV allows for everyone to participate. We now have family movie nights and look forward introducing the girls to mommy and daddy’s favorite childhood movies. Re-watching classics on Blu-Ray is like seeing the movie for the first time. –Simply Awesome! The Basement is now the focal point of our daily lives and that all came about since becoming an LIHD family.

The basement may be the focal point, but the cameras are what truly has changed our behavior. I would conservatively say that we have increased capturing our lives digitally by a factor of 10 since become a LIHD family. The quality is amazing and the convenience is unapproachable. We often leave the house now with 2-3 devices. I like to carry and use the FX30. Rana keeps the TZ50 with her at all times. The HDC-SD100P hangs at the ready, just in case we think we might need it. Being able to then see the results on the PlasmaTV or to post them quickly via the CFY7 Toughpad is truly game changing.

So What’s next?

Because of the great results from the cameras Rana, in fact, is now very interested in learning more about photography and videography. We both look forward to improving the composition of our daily capturing. I am working on integrating a PC into Home entertainment center –even hooking up a digital camera to chat “real time” via the Plasma’s great display. With Super bowl and March Madness parties on the calendar, and the girls activities increasing, we look forward to Living even more in HD. Thank you Panasonic for allowing us the opportunity to participate in such a positive life changing opportunity! -Mark & the girls

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