Living in HD is highlight of Q1

Mark here with a Bi-annual update for 2009. Whew! Where to start! The last few months have been quite a ride. In December I found out that I would be “downsized” from my employer of the last 9 years. I then got called back only to eventually leave as the company finally closed it’s doors in late February. Needless to say the uncertainty during that time was a lot to deal with. Thank goodness for our TV! I know that that sounds silly, and it is. There are A MILLION things more important than TV. However, in hindsight it really helped us. Having a project to work on, (Preparing the basement) new toys to play with (thank you Panasonic!) and more projects (finishing out the basement) kept me focused on the positive. Making the Man-Cave into a FAM-Cave was a great experience! I now have a new job and a new basement that the whole family uses 5 times as often as we used to! Here are a few before and after photos, all because of TV! Lastly, I have to mention that NFL Football.. in High Definition on our Panasonic Plasma is simply amazing! As our our family life slowly returns to normal and the our outdoor life comes back inside, look for more updates, until then - Cheers! Mark and the Kory Family, living well in HD.

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