Training Day!

Today, Greg, a Rep from Panasonic, came and showed us how to use all of our new gadgets! There are so many cool features. One cool feature on the Panasonic HDC-SD100 camcorder is the "Pre-Rec" feature. Say you want to capture specific moment, such as a lightning strike. You hold the camera up to the sky and hit your "Pre-Rec" button. You're not recording yet. You see the lightning strike, you hit the record button (after the fact) and the camera is able to record the event, even AFTER it's already happened. So you're not sitting there recording a bunch of boring stuff waiting for a specific event to happen. It's so cool!It's also amazingly easy to take videos and immediately you can pull out the SD card from the camcorder or camera and either plug it in the laptop where you can push a couple of buttons and put it on a DVD or you can put the SD card straight into the TV and watch your video's and photos on the TV.I'll write about more features later, but for now, I've posted some more photos.


  1. That's so cool! I had no idea you could do that. You know, just the thought of it boggles my mind.

    (PS. I love the 'family' of digital camera you have, Rana! The Lumix is one of my favourite SLR cameras.)

  2. Everything is so cool, Rana! I couldn't believe the quality of the video. Can't wait to see your finished movie. I've been thinking of new ideas for it all morning. LOL!