These pictures were taken with our Panasonic Lumix FX37.

The girls had their regular doctor check-up. Rose was having a great time until she got a shot (which she kept calling a "pinch"). She cried all the way home telling me how she doesn't ever want to go back to the doctor and how she doesn't like pinches. It broke my heart, except that I know she is my "drama queen". Grace got 2 shots and cried for about 5 seconds.

Here's Rose having her blood pressure checked.

Rose is having her eyes check...20/20!

She's only in the 7th percentile in height. Hmm, wonder where she got that from?

This is the first time she has gotten to wear a "gown". She was very excited!

Here's Grace getting weighed. I love the look she's giving the nurse.

Here the nurse marks the paper to see how tall she is....let's just say she might be our best bet for being over 5'4".


  1. wow...congratulations! The pictures look great!

  2. How cute! And look how LONG Rose's hair is getting!!

  3. So sweet! Rose looks like such a big girl and Gracie looks like little Rana!