Monkey Joe's

Today was Monkey Joe's first day open. If you're not familiar, it's one of those places you go that is full of those bouncy houses and slides. This one just opened up in Castleton. The girls and I had SO much fun today! Even Grace went down the biggest slides. I went down a couple too and they really took your stomach! I really think it would be so much fun to rent the place out for an adult party!

Btw, I took these photos whith the Panasonic Lumix and thought they turned out really nice!

Grace LOVED meeting Monkey Joe. She literally followed him around.

They have several inflatables for the little ones!

This slide was a lot of fun. I even went down it a couple times, and so did Grace.

This is Grace getting ready to go down a slide.

Rose's favorite is of course....Scooby Doo!!!


  1. This place looks great! Can't wait to try it sometime.

  2. Oh my gosh, looks so fun! Wish I would have known about it when the nieces were in town for a visit!